Haronkic Kitsune is the fifth species of the Kitsune race.

Short Brief History

Haronkics are lightly-tanned individuals known for their diverse personalities. Majority of Haronkics, like the Dai are manipulative. They target close relatives, hated enemies, and rivals using what they know as their mental weapon of choice. Haronkics do not do well in paired relationships (friendships, marriage, alliances, etc.), which is a partial explanation for the small population of Haronkic Kitsunes. The first recorded documents were found dating back to 47 of Hetio's Era, leaving many historians to conclude that was the first civilization of Haronkics did indeed exist.

After the Fall

After the fall of Cleonian, they were the first of many species to be converted into slavery. Very few Haronkics were supporters of the Enhicman and his army. Along with the Dai, Jasmine, Naohiken, and Polaris, and local Panthorians, hunted and executed Enhicman and his followers in return for the loss of their goddess. Haronkics had been known to manipulate their masters, and were usually the only species to have the largest population of slavery-free individuals.


Common abilities of